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The Speech

Welcome to visit the website of Hangzhou Low Carbon Science & Technology Museum, China. The Museum, with a new look since its kickoff on 18 July 2012 after over 3 years hard graft, has taken bountiful exhibits, colorful activities, and premium services, into its fold.  

Literally, what is the point for you to be low-carbon in the life now penetrated with the idea?

Low-carbon practicing means we shall strive to slow down global warming;

Carbon reducing asks us to spare no efforts to build such a city with a shared concept.

Emission cutting entails greater promotion of energy-effective technologies for a better future.

 Being low-carbon is a must for man in the future. Vital and simple, practice is just with us actually; why not take a look at what is going on in the Museum?

Here, such integration is well in place as displays with activities, research with promulgation, pro with society, for scientific promotion, Hangzhous innovative & green growth, and the national strategy concerned, as a practice based on Hangzhou, Zhejiang and even on China, to correspond to that green mountains and blue rivers are the best treasures.

Here, awaiting your exploration in a scientific world for more innovative inspiration is a paradise, which has much to offer-tips of low-carbon living, the amazement at the given science, a huge impact on our daily life by global warming, plus a promising vision for the future progress of the industry, fun of discoveries, plus the purpose of leading a low-carbon life.

Close contacts can be bridged by the internet without such museum goers in person. The website of the Museum is just an example in point, based on features of halls and exhibits, educational training and user-friendly services, to build itself into a platform for learning and ken expanding by efforts to offer a wider range involving more plus service promotion.

Our genuine hopes rest on that greater fun will reach out you in the given field for more on the dynamic development of low carbon along with an idea to practice with and to engage in, via exhibitions, activities, and projects boasting knowledge, uniqueness, and originality.  

Lets be the early adopters for an ocean of knowledge and a better life in the future!