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lcstm introduction

Low Carbon Science and Technology Museum of Hangzhou, China (LCSTM), is the first comprehensive science education facility designed to promote the idea of low carbon in China and even in the whole world. As a non-profit science educational institution, the Museum combines the functions of low carbon science popularization, green architecture display, low carbon academic communication and information distribution, and serves as "the Second Classroom" for the public, in particular the youth to better understand low carbon lifestyle, low carbon city and low carbon economy.

Located in Hangzhou Hi-tech Zone (Binjiang District) and surrounded by Wentao Road in the north, Qiushui Road in the south, Jianghan Road in the west and Lamei Road in the east, LCSTM covers a gross floor area of 33,656 m2 and is adopted ten energy-saving technologies, such as Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), Solar Energy Utilization and Green Lightening, Water Loop Heat Pump (WLHP) and Ice Storage. All materials used in connection with the Museum, including interior decoration, exhibits and their production, are in line with the concept of "green and low carbon". LCSTM received "Certificate of Three-star Green Building Label" issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China, making it the only science and technology museum winning this honor throughout China and the example of green architecture in Hangzhou.

With the theme of "Low Carbon Life, for Our Future " and the "Low Carbon" as the mainline, the Museum has one lobby, seven permanent exhibition galleries, a temporary exhibition hall, a lecture hall, and a number of popular science laboratories. The seven permanent galleries consist of "Circulation of Carbon", "Low Carbon City", "Global Warming", "Low Carbon Science & Technology", "Low Carbon Life", "Low Carbon Future" and "Kids' World". LCSTM also has two special-effect theaters, Dome Theater and Giant Screen Theater. By offering more than 100 interesting and interactive exhibits such as "The Formation and Existence of Carbon" and "Global Warming", the Museum is dedicated to promoting science spirits, methodologies, thoughts and popularizing science knowledge.

LCSTM will enhance international exchanges and cooperation, building itself as a center for low carbon science popularization, green architecture display, low carbon academic communication and information distribution.