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It popularizes the theme of “Low Carbon Life: Inevitable Future for Human Beings” and inspires visitors to get further understanding of Low Carbon Science & Technology Museum through vivid pictures, videos and models supported by high technology.
08Children’s World
It is divided into five exhibition zones: Scientific Exploration Base, Through the Jungle, Adventure in the Countryside, Fun of Water Lifting, and Low Carbon Laboratory. Here children can learn basic knowledge about environmental science, mechanics, optics, biology and other sciences. It is a perfect place to improve children’s insight, imagination and creativity.
09Temporary Exhibition Hall
This hall is used to hold or undertake not only short-term low carbon exhibitions or other hotspot exhibitions on certain subject but non-scheduled cultural promotion activities and popular science exhibitions to encourage more and more young people to learn scientific knowledge and live a low carbon life.
02Global Warming
It is not only the first exhibition hall in China that adopts the method of theme development but an immersive experience area integrating multiple modern technological and artistic ways of expression. Here you can take a bamboo raft to visit six theme exhibition zones in order, from Beautiful West Lake, Urban Sprawl, Melting Glaciers, Burning Earth, Extreme Weather, to Xixi Wetland, which bring shocking scenes of extreme environment caused by global warming.
03Cycle of Carbon
This hall unveils the truth of carbon from four perspectives: Carbon on Earth, Cycle of Carbon in Nature, How Humans Use Carbon, and Influence of Human Activities on the Cycle of Carbon.
04Low Carbon City
This hall displays low carbon products closely related to people’s daily life. Interactive exhibits, such as carbon emission measurement of various vehicles and present situation of energy utilization in China, will encourage visitors to be part of low carbon supporters.
05Low Carbon Science and Technology
This hall introduces various technologies that support low carbon life style, including basic science, IoT, smart power grid, opto-mechatronics, and new energy.
06Low Carbon Life and Low Carbon Future
This hall is divided into two sections: Low Carbon Life and Low Carbon Future. The former section, consisting of Low Carbon and I, Low Carbon and Family, and Low Carbon and the Earth, shows the charm of low carbon life through interactive exhibits, wishing for a better low carbon future.